Friday, October 23, 2009

i wish i could afford all these items there so gorgeous! love love love them.
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mid-bag paper shorts from miss selfridge.
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oat lace insert top from miss selfridge
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purple shoulder detail jacket from miss selfridge
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black floral leggings from miss selfridge
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military cardigan by rare from topshop
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gem tshirt dress by christopher kane at topshop.


Jes said...

sweet list :P

Les Fleurs said...

I LOVE the military cardigan from topshop!


duckalicious said...

nice WL!

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely choices, darling, especially that divine jacket!!


Tights Lover said...

Great stuff. I love the gem tshirt dress!

Fashion Chalet said...

sure, would love to swap links thanks for asking and for your sweet comment! let me know when you're ready! <3


lavelle said...

Lovely blog, yes I will definately swop links with you lovely xx

Sabine said...

I had been looking forward so much to the new collection of c. kane for topshop, but is it as strong as his last one? the studded leggings are great, though!

Fashion Chalet said...

linking you now =)
your blog is greaT!


Kate said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, your blog is fab. following!

NEED that purple jacket. xx

Fashion Chalet said...

it's added under pretty committee list of links, you're second :)


Fashion Chalet said...

you're welcome :)
thank you, too! xx

Jasmine Laini Meaden said...

That Christopher Kane dress is something I need to have this christmas, such a cute lbd. xx

Diane said...

the purple jacket is AMAZING!

Rina said...

love all items, 3rd my favorite!

Diane said...

trading links sounds great.i added you to my blogroll

Kate said...

thanks for your comment, the primark scalf was £6 but I got it a while ago! I think they do similar ones at the moment in a few different colours.

would love to link swap, your now on my blogroll! x

Heather said...

Great picks! Especially the lace inset top.

Thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday. :)

L.E. van Uum said...

Beautiful dress from topshop! Realy great,
Check my blog!

xoxo piece de resistance

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

Love the floral leggings and the purple shoulder detail zip jacket {looks black,though}! Too cute!
Have a whimsical weekend!

somedaynewyorker said...

The purple jacket is gorgeous.

Libby said...

I love all the miss seldfige tops and the top shop military look!

Jasmine said...

thanks so much for the comment!
i'd love to swap links!
and that shoulder detail jacket is killer...i think im gonna dream about it tonight

liana said...

love the kane dress. luuuuuuuurve it.

Dylana said...

I love all of these pieces!


Anonymous said...

SO gorgeous
thanks for sharing
flawless pieces darling!
good luck finding them

visit my blog @

Britty said...

great list I think i should make one!

a. said...

aww, how cute.

Jes said...

Thanks sweet :P Love that Jacket... Sigh... Perth is so far away from Selfridges

D's Poetry said...

Hey Becca!
First of all thanks for visiting my blog:)
I love your blog..very nice fashion picks. I love the shorts and the purple jacket. So lovely:)
Thanks for sharing, girl!

Have a great weekend!


Annie said...

great list!
i want the shorts and the floral leggings,
how much are they?

love annie <3.

Beth said...

Love those shorts from Miss Selfrigdes :)
Awesome picks

Missy said...

Love the purple jacket!

For all things fashion:

Missy said...

I'll e mail you again! dam google mail confuses the hell out of me!

For all things fashion:

Yofany said...

and i hope for me too. =p

Winnie said...

Loving the floral leggings. They would be perfect with oversized tees1

Ediot said...

great picks! i want it all. almost. esp. the leggings -lace top and purple jacket. have a great weekend. xx

Evqua said...

I want the short!!!

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