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Thursday, September 17, 2009

just recently i've recieved two blog awards thankyou tayler @ fashionlayne and daisy @ daisedyoungmess.
i received this blog award from
( i would text link but i don't know how to )

Rules: one word answers only.
- Where is your cell phone: upstairs
- Your hair: messy
- Your mother: Lady
- Your father: Happy
- Favorite food: potato
- Dream last night: none
- Favorite drink: coke
- Goal/Dream: content
- What room are you in: bedroom
- Hobby: Fashion
- Fear: failing
- Where you want to be in 6 years: university
- Where were you last night: Home
- Something that you aren't: ignorant
- Muffins: ?
- Wish list item: wang
- Where did you grow up: derbyshire
- Last thing you did: exhaled
- What are you wearing: cardigan
- Your tv: UB
- Your pets: none
- Friends: lovely
- Your life: nice?
- Your mood: annoyed
- Missing someone: yes
- Vehicle: none
- Something you're NOT wearing: shoes
- Favorite store: NL (new look)
- Favorite color: purple
- Last time you laughed: yesterday?
- Last time you cried: today
- Your best friend: amazing
- Place you go to over & over: school?
- Person who emails you regularly:
- Favorite place to eat: mcdonalds?

that was hard.
especially when you can only write one word. i would love to carry on the tag but i do not know who to pick appart from my new favourite blog: lottie @

thankyou daisy @ daisedyoungmess.
she asked me to write ten facts about myself (this may take a while!)

1. i have an obsession at the moment with new up and coming singer, pixie lott (shes famous in the u.k but listen to her music if you live elsewhere in the world, she's amazing) i love her album turn it up so much! listening to it right now, i love her music, fashion sense, and her hair!

(how amazing does she look in that photo!)
2. i'm a christian and i love going to a festival/camp for 5 days each year. :)
its so amazing, i never want to leave when i'm there.

3. i love camping. festival camping (mainly) but just camping in general even if its terenchal rain!

4. i love english and analysing poems. nerdy i know. 8-|

5. i love new starts and meeting new friends :)

(this picture was ages ago at a friend eurovision party :)

6. i love fashion, and eventually i would love a career in the industry, preferably doing fashion journalism & writing for a magazine. such as my favourite magazine in the world.

7. i love the show x-factor (british music reality tv show) and can never decide which one from JLS (last year's second place) is hotter.

8. i have an obsession with sketchbooks, i have one for textiles and art and i love created backgrounds and everything to do with sketchbooks!

9. i love wallpaper. especially floral wallpaper.

NOTE (not my room but i love the wallpaper!)
10. i love jewellery. i'm jewellery obsessed i think i own over 150 bracelets and bangles!

(not my jewellery collection but i wish it was!)


Anonymous said...

lucky thing! i waannnna go london fashion week.

Michaela said...

I love so many of these things too!Elle, flowery wallpaper, sketchbooks, english and festivals!

flotsam & flummery said...

Jewellery and scrapbooks...a girl after my own heart. :)

TartanBoots said...

When I went camping got socked, when I woke up my blow up bed was floating like a lilo. But i was gr8 fun!

I would really appreciate if you came and visit my site and consider becoming a follower.

Vanessa Baptista said...

i loveeee sketchbooks too! I think its because when I done Art A-level i had to constantly buy them but now, i just love having fresh ones :)

love this post!
Come follow my blog @

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

we love ELLE too, think you'll like our blog :) love the pretty bedroom, all things floral :) x

Mark said...

i always see innovation in shoes and fashion in shoes i like Doc Martens Boots

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