Sunday, August 30, 2009

i thought i'd try something new.
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Unknown said...

Quite a cool collage becca!
Hello Olivia 'I never look bad'
And the wildfox...loves!
Your blog is fast becoming one of my faves :)


chauss said...

nice blog and collage. :)
thanks for stopping by my blog .
come visit anytime.
this week, dayglo krelwear.

Couture Carrie said...

This mood board rocks, darling!
Love it!


Kathryn said...

love the collage.

Ana said...

this is soo cool!!!
how did you make it?? like what software did you use??


erika sorocco said...

Wildfox Couture and Olivia Palermo. These are just two of my favorite things. Gorgeous post, darling! :)

Unknown said...

awwww.. i love it.. a lot :)


zupu said...

Love these, specially the first two ones and the pic of Olivia. You have such a lovely and inspiring blog, glad to find it!

Anonymous said...

love love love wildfox!!
yes thats why i would like to do a couture style one, so maybe i could wear it for prom? I don't know..I've always fancied a vintage prom dress...

lol nooo come to the shepton mallet ones! our church always goes to soul survivor week b, but it would be SOO cool if we could meet up, suggest it to your youth group! whose jamie? i heart crofty though, but i adore ben cantelon :)
favourite songs..oh they were all so good! 'you're beautiful' and 'we're not ashamed' are top though, there both so happy :)) I had how great is our god for my baptism though. At shepton mallet, we have like night places like gigs, underground and mr boogies. 29th chapter all the way!
Mikes hilarious, and its really great, i love being in the atmosphere of everything right?

sorry, very long comment here!!

Anonymous said...

great comment! we saw sammy g, onehundredhours and another band i cant remember! We usually head up underground, my youth are very much into rap music!
oh yeah! we had him to, he rocked, did you also have the 17 yr old from new zealand? i got a picture with him (and ben!!!)
i love it too, do you go to soul sista? i love heading up there with the girlies, i bought that book cherished. It totally made me cry!
lol one of my favourite bits are the free hugs, i just run up to them and like, jump on them lol. My friend dressed up in a wolverine cozzie and offered free hugs too everyone, it was SO emabressing lol when we were walking there he kept getting stopped for a picture! its fun:))
loves it, xx

Mai said...

great collage!

Morning Glory said...

I love this collage! I've always wondered how to make one myself. I think I'm your 24th follower now! Thanks for the bloglovin!

meraldia said...

Very cute collage, well-done, girl!! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

love this collage...super cute

check out my blog @

Anonymous said...

lol, i always buy food its so good there! haha i brought fourty pound i got a hoodie, 3 books, a four points necklace and bracelet band thingy and a lot of food....
free hugs do rule..its part of the fun!
lol last year i almost cried when i left, this year i was too tired. woke up at six every morning for a shower! midnight sleep...
your name high was great! everyone just broke round the tent running, but the had casulatys so we had to stop:( healer was amazing too, so sad about that guy lying though:(
ss tshirt! cool:)
i go back to school this thursday you?
yeah our youth might go, my friend went last year and she said it was amazing, she had previously liked this guy for four years(!!) and he never took any notice of her, and so when she went to soul sista she said god was just telling her to let it go! she came back a different girl!

Serg Riva said...

really enjoying your blog...

LAYNE said...

love love love this mood board.

love the girl and outfit in front of the brick wall :)

did u do this on photoshop?!


Amanda K said...

Love the mood board!

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

I love the mood board. Olivia Palermo looks fabulous!

LifestyleBohemia said...

Such a funky & chic collage, love it! Just stumbled across your blog & enjoying it :)

The Sydney Girl said...

<3 your collage girl! great work :D xxx

Dani said...

thanks for commenting the other day! i am planning on wearing a similar outfit to the one on the right of this post! adorable skirt.

your blog is great! i'm now blog lovin' following it!


kiah k. said...

Great picks!

Rohini said...

Love your blog!
Fab post. :)


Penny said...

Love the collage!Makes me wish for messy hair!

ScribbleBabbles said...

I love the wildfox pics! :D

Toni said...

i like the collages
your blog is cute as well
thank you

OMR said...

Wow these pics are amazing, B! Thanks for posting them ~ Kate is delish!

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