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Monday, May 11, 2009

okay i've been tagged twice now.
once by hayley at
and by stephanie at

so here it goes! :)

seven things about myself you never knew!

- i used to be a proffesional swimmer.
- i read elle magazine every month
- i love english, everything about english, even shakespeare!
- i love eastenders (british soap) and neighbours (austrailian soap)
- i love my hair a lot ( i can have it curly, straight, fake curls) pratically anything!
- my best friend is the first friend i ever made.
- on sunday afternoons/ evenings i like nothing better than listening to the radio and finishing all coursework + homework! :)

i'd like to tag.

iheartherstyle, thefashionsetter, daisy chain dreams and the sydney girl

thankyou to everyone who commented on my last post. 65 comments! wow.

plus i thought i'd share my new wishlist item with you.
leggings, £22 from topshop, (jourdan dunn is wearing them in the campaign!)

hope you have all had a great day :)
beccaaaa xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

wow!professional swimming:)
love love love your blog..and those leggings:)
would you like to exchange links?
i love that paris hilton quote,and we have the same pic of alexa at the side!:)
your blog is very organized..i like it:)

itisnot said...

Woww proffesional swimmer! I wish i loved finishing all coursework and things on sunday afternoons! ;/ x

Lucy said...

Thank you for tagging me!
I'll fill it soon =)

freeteyme said...

interesting post about you! Happy Monday gorgeous!

Kandace said...

Congrats on all the comments. That's amazing! As for loving your hair, I totally feel the same way about mine. I used to hate that it was naturally curly but now I love it because it means I can basically wear it any way that I want.

Flora said...

OOOOh those are amazing leggings.. i want them.

Couture Carrie said...

Those leggings ROCK, as does this tag! I love your answers... how cool that you swam professionally, Becca... I was a swimmer, too! What was your best event/stroke?


Thais said...

interesting facts! i love those leggins, u should definelty get them! great blog xoxo

Katrina said...

These shorts look like amazing DIY project:)
and i agree, interesting facts indeed :D

Kate said...

I'm exactly the same with english, my best friend and sunday afternoons (:

Anonymous said...

those leggins are insane, i love it, i link you on my blog honey!

erika sorocco said...

I loved learning more about you. A former professional swimmer and current fashionista - j'adore!

Kate said...

Haha yeah I guess it sounds like it! Aww that's so sweet (:

DaisyChain said...

I loved reading your answers!

And those leggings- I need. So bad.

Julia said...

the leggings are so cool!

rosa said...

heyy! just thought i'd say i really like your blog, i also read elle magazine every month :) being a subscriber is great!
i've been a blogger for a year now but i've just started a new blog so have a look if you want!
thanks :)

LiPs said...

I LOVE tholse leggings, they are adorable

MM x

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll be sure to do this l8r.

rosa said...

thank you! its actually a dress lol :)
thanks! x

Kate said...

thats bloglovin and blogspot added together, so you have like over sixty! seriously your blog is so much better than mine (:

Kate said...

and no i didnt hear it, what was she like?

Blicious said...

LOVE your blog!!! i am adding you to my links! :)

Mai said...

professional swimmer? WOW.
Love that pair of leggings, they are stunning

Winnie said...

Those leggings are really awesome. You should sooo soo buy! My best friend was the first person I ever met at secondary school!

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...


Jules said...

hi loveyyy!
u are sooo cute, professional swimmer? Soo impressive!!!!!!!!
I feeel like i know you a lot better! hehe.

I havent posted a pic of my outfit, hopefully tomorrow!
School is sooo stressful!!

Lexie said...

this is going to sound so lame, but the font in elle magazine is too small for me to read! i love the editorials though!

Amelia said...

That's so cool that you used to be a professional swimmer. I love the leggings!


haha we love that you love neighbours
we are melbourne girls!
just found your blog very impressed.
drop past ours if you like, its a new baby
lots of love pistolwhipped xxx

Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto Hardikusumo said...

love your wishlisssttt.. =)
wanna xchange link?

Unknown said...

nice blog....
plz visit this blog...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely vomment, big <3 to you. Sorry to add to the moamouth list of comments.

Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto Hardikusumo said...

already linked yours darl. =)

Ash Fox said...

you are cool, well rounded chick!

chalortte said...

love the tights !

Vintage Lollipops said...

Oooh, I LOVE those leggings! And definitely... I'd love to swap links, I'm adding you now!


Claire said...


oh god your not alone in the whole eastenders and home and away thing..... is it bad that i fancy bradley branning? ALSO how fab is Belles new hair? even though shes in rehab and all that.

get those leggings!

Anonymous said...

It sucks that your summers are rainy :(
But at least you don't have freezing cold winters.
Or do you?
Sorry I'm really suure.
I like reading your blog too.
& I've added both of your blogs to my list.

Unknown said...

I swim year round, who did you swim for and what were your strokes. Love Eastenders, even though I live in America. No one here knows about it!

Marian said...

loving those leggings, they be great for layering!
hope you are well.
muah x

Maddy said...

Whoo a quiz! I used to swim for nationals under 16s! That is so awesome.

Guess what.
I tagged you in my quiz post!

whoops, it was before I saw this one


Anonymous said...

thankyou!have added you back:))xx

Jess said...

I used to love everything about english. Oh well. I love those tights! But this girl in my college got them, wore them really badly & put me off. I'm sure you will be lovely though =)

dewi said...

your blog is so cool!
love it!

Zoe said...

yeah there are 2 semis for the eurovision; yesterday and tomorw then the final is on saturday :):) xo

Claire said...

oh sorry! misread that :) i love neighbours too but i havnt seen it in ages! is bridget still pregnant?! the wombats on neighbours?! how random! i cant wait to get back into soaps again now im free from all exams!!
oh i might rob that pic of zoe kravitz from your previous post? if you don't mind :) x

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what my best stroke is considereing the competition, but my favorite is butterfly.. I have been putting off swiming recently because of my shool musical but i timed in yesterday. i have a 28 in 50free, 35 in back for a 50free, a 33.75 in buttterfly 50free, and I can't remeber my breast, i wrote it down somewhere.


looooove your blog and youre gorgeous!!
amazing leggings.
xClaire @youthful

herecomesthesun said...

that's awesome you used to be a professional swimmer. i used to be in a swim team and do a lot of competitions and swim meets. i wasn't exactly "professional" but i competed a lot and loved it! i miss those days.

Human Racing said...

that's so cool you used to be a professional swimmer! I like those leggings and am a fellow lover of english. haha

yiqin; said...

I am impressed! Professional swimmer?!?! I couldnt even swim without touching the walls for support :/

Athena. said...

i love english too :)
and I watch neighbours everyday over here!
eek, how lovely is zeke!
well, depends on what you're up to,
i'm not so sure how the streaming works overseas!
but yes, neighbours is the bomb diggity :)

Zara said...

LOVEEE the leggings! Yay another British blogger :) Can we swap links? I'll add you to my blogroll now xoxo

Sydnie said...

Those leggings are awesome!


Shelly's Style Shop said...

Those leggings are great! A professional swimmer? Wow! That's great.

xoxo, Shelly

tdw said...

The new blog of two fashionistas French, Olivia & Mariam, the next designer of this generation ;) hii come on !
help us to be famous ;) see ya, xoxo

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