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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A line from one of my favourite songs at the moment.
lady gaga - pokerface.
i think pokerface. sounds like poke HER face.

anyways, yes i'm back from my 3 day trip away. which was lovely. and at the moment i'm just looking at a few collections from london fashion week, which started on the 20th and end in just 3 days.
i'll do a special blog posting for london fashion week soon (:

i was looking at fall 09 backstage photos. and there really nice.

calvin klein backstage :
really like this image for the colours, the colours are really stunning.

alexander wang backstage : i like this photo for a strange reason, especially what he's put as advice to the models.

alexander wang backstage: AHHHH ZOE KRAVITZ!! i really love her hair and style and this picture is her on valentines day. at alexanders show.

miss sixty frontrow: mischa barton and coco rocha look stunning they really do.

marc jacobs backstage: i really love the hairstyles. very unique indeed.

please tell me what you think so far or london and new york fashion week, your favourite shows, favourite designers, i'd love to read them all (:

much love,



Demi said...

I absolutely LOVE Zoe Kravitz style (and hair!) - theres a photo of her at the Erin Fetherston show in a gorgeous floral dress and a headband - she looks amazingg!!!!

I also love the first photo, its strange to see supermodels smiling!! they look lovely :)
and I love the alexander wang sign too haha!

have a great week, honey :)


Demi said...

aw thank you very much honey!

and omg, my hair is a mess! its in desperate need of a good cutting haha! all I do these days is scrunch it with moose and let if flow! but thanks anyway, lovely!


Style Spot said...

haha I love the sign at Alexander Wang. free tequila shots for the ones who don't fall..excellent. and Zoe Kravitz looks so gorgeous xox

L. said...

mischa's outfit looks smashing (what i can see of it, anyway)

OMR said...

i have tons too!!! i try to read them once in a while!

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