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Naked 2 Palette for only £5.24!

Naked 2 Palette Dupe - T Mart
A lot of you may have seen one of my latest photos on Instagram here that I've recently added a new eyeshadow palette to my life and that's the Naked 2 Palette. I was actually persuaded to by this by my make up obsessed younger sister. Like many young women of the UK/Word I noticed how everyones obsessed with Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette. I just couldn't bring myself to spending £40 on the real thing until...
Naked 2 Palette Dupe - T Mart
Yes I know it's not the real Naked 2 Palette but it's a pretty good dupe for only £5.24! I think brown eyeshadows are the only eyeshadow colour I ever wear and you can never have enough right?! I've never shopped on T Mart before but my sister bought hers a while ago and it came really quickly and she says she's used her palette pretty much everyday since. I ordered mine a few days ago (it might have been on Thursday) and it's already here! The colours seem to be pretty much identical but i've noticed 'busted' (the second to last colour) and 'snakebite' look slightly different. These are highly pigmented eyeshadows for a fraction of the price of the real thing and definitely an affordable way to still have a 'naked 2' palette. I love how the colours stay on all day too and my sister has always been telling me how good of a dupe this palette is. If you read the reviews on T Mart they don't disappoint either as it's review after review about how pleased they are with this palette.
Naked 2 Palette Dupe - T Mart
If you want the colours and the quality of the original and want to save money then this is the palette for you. I am really impressed with this dupe of the Naked 2 palette and it looks incredibly similar to the real palette and I've never really seen a dupe like it! It's extremely close to the real thing and I'd recommend this palette to any make up loving female who can't justify (like me) the £40 price tag it has in beauty stores!
 photo xoxo_zpsef0b558b.jpg
Nicola said...

wow this is such a good dupe! I really want the original but the price is pretty hefty, but i too only wear these shades. The price of this is really good though

Muny B said...

Love the shades!

Muny’sFashionFanatique | FASHION & STYLE BLOG

Beyond Blush said...

I'm wary about knockoffs like this because they don't list the ingredients, so you really have no clue what they put in there!

Style Crescent said...

What a bargain! Looks like such a good replica too!


Sara Chergui said...

I really want to try this one, it looks gorgeous !

Laura-Jane said...

I love the Naked Palettes, but i got a dupe from the internet, and it seemed fine for a day or so, tried using a different colour and my eyes had swollen so much i could hardly see, like Beyond blush i'd be a bit wary! but its so tempting i know!!

Katy Stephenson said...

i need to buy this asap!


Zoe Holman said...

i'd be super careful! cheap knockoff versions of products can have really awful ingredients in them:( xx

Aggie Eynon said...

This is amazing! A definite must-have! Thank you so much for this post!! :)

Alessandra said...

Wow that's good to know thank you for sharing this with us

Yuen Lim said...

Whoa, such a bargain price! I think I'll have to pick that up!

Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

Bella Passariello said...

Bought! :D x

bideyourtime said...

how was the delivery?! xx

Zoe Barson said...

Love this post! I really want to get one of these palette xo

Mirna said...

There are just some things that you should NEVER buy on the Internet. Cosmetics, perfumes/after shaves, and of course alcohol. You really don't know what's going in to these online "bargains".

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