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Red Lavender

Okay I have to admit it at the moment I'm wearing my disco pants ALL the time! They make you feel that little bit more glamorous and they are the comfiest item of clothing in my wardrobe and I think they look so good with everything! I was a bit unsure of them at first as they're quite a lot of money but I got mine when it was 25% off for students at ASOS and I just had to get a pair and haven't regretted it since!
But yes yet again here's an outfit post featuring them ;)
Blouse - Glamorous(*)
Disco Pants - American Apparel at ASOS
Boots - So You Shoes

I am loving my new blouse. I'm wore it today with a pair of jeans and black ballet pumps and I've put together how I'd wear the blouse for night-time/going out. I am currently loving my new red boots. I love how they clash with everything and make such a statement and make my outfit really stand out!
Blouse - Glamorous(*)
Disco Pants - American Apparel at ASOS
Boots - So You Shoes

I love the feel of this blouse too. It's absolutely gorgeous! I love lavender right now and amount of lavender items in my wardrobe is slowly increasing! This blouse is only £23.99 too! It's such a bargain and perfect for spring/summer!

My favourite bit about this blouse is the gorgeous lace detailing at the top. It makes the blouse look so different and it's so unique from any other blouse in my wardrobe at the moment!

What do you think of Lavender? Will you be wearing bright shoes this season too?

And Thanks soooo much for all your lovely comments about my latest outfit post!
Robyn said...

I loveee the bright boots with the disco pants! I wear mine all the time too (mine are fake ones... but they do the job!) they're well comfy and go with anything! That tops really cute too - I love lavender, and any other pastel colours to be honest! xx

xchristybx said...

I love those shoes! I need a more colourful pair for the summer x

Charlie Ellison said...

So tempted to invest in some of these shoes now, they look the next best thing and you can hardly tell!
Absolutely beautiful :-)

Hev said...

Another lovely outfit! The detailing on that blouse is so pretty, such a bargain price too! x

Andrea said...

the pants are really fabulous!

AmyBell said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorrrgey porgey! I need some disco pants in my life! x

Blaming Beauty said...

The blouse is so pretty and I love the disco pants of course!xx

Gemma Satire said...

Lovely emsemble! Like I said in a previous post really love the bold shoes! And the disco pants. I've been umming and ahhing about them for ages! I don't wanna jump on the bandwagon but they are LOVELY. Would you say they were really small sizes though? I'm scared to order them in case they don't fit! If so I might have to go to American Apparel myself and try then on!

Gemma x

BeautyBecca said...

love your top, the colour is gorgeous!

NenaTH said...

i love the outfit <3.

i am in love with those shoes!!, they are so pretty.

EmilyGrace said...

Gorgeous outfit!! Wish I had your fashion sense! :)

Jodie said...

That blouse is amazing- I love the lace at the top, and the pairing with your disco pants (which I still havent found in an affordable size- I wont stop looking).
I wish I looked good in lavender!

Hadas -I am your fashion mannequin said...

love the shoes!

Memoirs of a Wardrobe said...

I love love love these tight pants! They're amazing. I NEED to get some of these!!

Kate x

Fashions Not A Luxury said...


Jessica said...

I love your shoes with this outfit, they look great how they stand out so much! Such a pretty outfit xx

Rachhh. said...

Looking lovely! Disco pants always look so comfy! I love your shoes and how they make the outfit stand out and look alive! xo

Jennifer said...

the shoes are fantastic! love the lavender too xxx

*Shug* said...

Really love those shoes your outfit is oh so cute!

Char! said...

I need disco pants! xx

Mr.Mrs.Walsh said...

omg! those shoes! amazing!

quailegg said...

I just bought some high waisted lavender shorts today from Topshop and I love them. Brilliant outfit! Sian x

jimmi lou said...

The blouse is lovely, really pretty shade! I'm definitely getting Disco Pants in the next few weeks, I've been pining for a while now!

joanne from

Ella said...

you already know how much I loved your last outfit and this is equally gorgeous! That blouse is lovely xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

April-Lily said...

love these boots, so bright! x

Beth said...

ooh your blouse is so pretty! I really love disco pants too xxx

madhatter said...

The new blouse looks great, I love the disco pants considering whether to buy some?!

Take a peak at my blog<3

Project Rattlebag


Andie Willows said...

love your styling! just found your blog – you have a great blog! Do you want to follow each other? i'm already following you on GFC!

xoxo, andie
Fashionista's Pick


underthewillowtrees said...

Those gorgeous red shoes...ahh. And every time I see you in the disco pants, I want them more and more- so many ways to style them and they look great xx

jbeyouZAINA said...

ahhhh i really like your blouse too!!
i want your shoes! D:

The JulietteM said...

i like this disco pants!

Becca. said...

Thanks for commenting!

I bought a medium pair first online and when they arrived they didn't quite fit so I changed them for the size below, which were a bit tight at first but with wear now theyre perfect! I would recommend going and trying though! Definitely get some though, they're amazing and go with everything! Xx

Ruby-May said...

love your boots, they are such a perfect colour!X

*Frilly Socks And Docs* said...

I know everyone has them but I have to admit I live in my disco pants ! They look great on you xx

Jadinexo said...

I love that colour shoes with those disco pants! You really pull off this look x

Sweet Monday said...

oh hi sexy disco pants! Love this outfit, those shoes are incredible in that colour! Love love love! <3

Caroline said...

those shoes are gorgeous, great Jeffrey Campbell copies! are they comfy? x

JOJOxo said...

you blog is AMAZING can't believe i have only just discovered it!

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