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Lifestyle: 5 Things You Can Do To Make Another Bloggers Day

It finally hit me yesterday. I've been blogging 6 years now and I realised why so much has changed these past couple of years, not only has the blogging world/industry changed dramatically but so has the support and encouragement bloggers used to have for each other. I remember the days when I used to get 50+ comments on a blog post and it made me feel great, I loved how many people were reading and engaging with my content and it made me spur on to blog even more and it's those times which have spurred me on to continue blogging today. 

Fast forward 2/3 years and I am happy if I get 5 comments on a blog post. I know technology has changed and it's a lot harder to write a comment after reading a blog post but lately my blog has got me down as I saw that my views on my blog were good but nobody was really engaging in the content i'd spent hours and hours creating. I realised in some ways I'm guilty of doing this myself. I'll really enjoy reading the content, I'll give it a heart on blog lovin and stick it into my saved posts folder but that's not the same as taking that extra bit of time to comment on the post and tell the blogger why you loved it. So here we are I've come up with a few things you can do to make another bloggers day and showing some blogger love.

1. If you don't have time to comment on a blog post, send the blogger a message on twitter. It's quick, 100 times easier and you can generate a proper conversation and still show the blogger you appreciate there content.

2. Watch/click on the adverts. Okay so we all know adverts on youtube and on blog sites bore you but blogging for many people is a full time job, how they earn a living and it's you which helps them achieve that dream of being a full time blogger. So next time you see an advert on a blog, click on it, read the article/watch the advert on youtube. Do your bit to help!

3. Share the love on Facebook. I know Facebook isn't really the most popular tool for bloggers but it's still a great one. A lot of bloggers create good sharable content (cue Hannah Gale's awesome blog post lists) so why not click the share button and share it with your Facebook friends if you found it interesting? one of your Facebook friends will do too. 

4. Go old school, comment on the blog post. I love reading comments from people on my blog and I love it when you tell me your really enjoyed the post. I love it when readers make suggestions of things they'd like to see on my blog too. By taking 1 minute out of your day to comment on a blog post you liked, this could really make another bloggers day.

5. Don't ignore the sponsored content. It's something i've seen a lot of lately, bloggers produce some amazing content (even though it's sponsored) and people penalise them and send them hate because of it. We all blog because we love it, we blog because we enjoy it. If someone came along to you and offered you money for doing something you loved, you wouldn't say no. Blogging is now a career for so many people and it's campaigns/sponsored content which enables bloggers to keep creating the unsponsored content and keep writing the content you love. Nothing is free, nothing is easy and blogging takes a lot of time. Despite your possible hatred for them read the sponsored post!

These are just a few things you could do to make another bloggers day, share the love, support each other and hopefully the blogging industry will get back to what it used to be like!

What do you think of blogging? How do you share content from other bloggers? what sort of content do you enjoy reading the most?
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Lauren Rose Bell said...

I love this post Becca- so true. We should all be supporting each other in the community! I have a pretty small blog that I enjoy posting on in my spare time and when I get lovely comments it can make my day! I also often read blog posts on the bloglovin add which doesn't give the option to comment unless you open the post in explorer- that be effecting comments! You have a lovely blog and keep going and doing what you love :) xxxx

Becci Johnson said...

Totally agree, and to prove it have taken the time to comment! It makes it all worthwhile when people interact with your blog. Fab post, seen on Twitter- now off to check out some more of your blog!

beatingaroundtheblush said...

This was a lovely post Becca and I think you will hit home with a lot of bloggers. I guess with the age of twitter and instagram, we devote so much of our time to updating those that we forget or rather don't have enough free time to leave comments as much. But as you said in number 1, leave messages on twitter instead. You've inspired me to make more of an effort though and leave more comments. I read so many brilliant posts, and commenting should be a way of saying well done blogger! I feel poop when I don't get any/ many comments on posts especially when you feel you've really worked hard on them or poured your heart out. True fact, I just swapped from reading your blog on my phone to my laptop to make sure I could comment!

Beating Around the Blush

Jen said...

You are so right. I'm guilty of not showing other bloggers much love. If I enjoy reading a blog post I favourite it on Twitter but that's about it, so I will take you points on board and make more of an effort! I like your point about posting on Facebook, I tend to send people links I think they'll like privately, but will now share them more publicly.

J :)

The LDN Diaries said...

Here I am leaving you a comment to make your day - well hopefully! HA!

I rarely get comments on my blog and to be honest I think I hardly leave any either as I read on my phone a lot and FAFF, I'm going to start now though!

Also please don't get pink hair or a pug!

Paula x x

Amy // The Girl In The Bowler Hat said...

Absolutely love this post, and I could't agree more! I remember when I had my first blog and spent hours and hours commenting on all of my favourite blogs and their blog posts each day - and I have to admit, I rarely do that anymore, which is sad really! I'll definitely be making more of an effort after reading this post, after all, that's why I began blogging in the first place; for the wonderful community! : )

Amy at The Girl in the Bowler Hat

Choosing Happy said...

Great post. I totally agree with comments. I can get loads of views but no comments and it makes me feel like they didn't enjoy it. Really enjoyed this post.

Anita E. Baffoni said...

I'm just starting out so I enjoy all of these tips! I hope to be a be as successful as you and others. I always try to comment on posts becasue when I get a comment, it makes my day.


Kia said...

Ohh it's so true! I just started blogging and hardly get any comments - it can be a bit frustrating when you have the feeling no one really cares about it.

Jessica Magee said...

love this also I'm a new blogger who needs help my website is

Georgina Fox said...

Absolutely LOVED this and agreed with every point 100%!


Style and Sushi said...

I loooved reading this post Becca! I have been blogging for quite a while now and I love reading blog comments so much! Interacting is so much fun! I really should make more time to comment again! x Laura

Rhiannon Pulling said...

This is such a lovely post! A comment on a recent blog post always perks up my day :) x

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Melissa Charles said...

aww what a sweet post!
I love getting comments too...I haven't had much lately but I figure it's because everyone is busier in the summer?

Becca. said...

Lovely comments can 100% make your day!! I definitely agree I think blog lovin should have a comment option!! Xx

Becca. said...

Thankyou for your comment girly :) it really does doesn't it! and Thankyou for taking a look at my blog lovely :) xx

Becca. said...

Thanks for swapping from your phone to comment on my blog! I completely agree with you, everyone should definitely take that extra 5 minutes to make a comment! X

Becca. said...

Thanks for your comment lovely!! and it's definitely worth sharing more content you love :-) x

Becca. said...

Hey lovely!!

how are you doing? how is everything? it's so easy to miss out on commenting back to people but I'm really trying to make more of an effort now! it does feel like sometimes all successful bloggers have pugs, pink hair and have photographer boyfriends haha! xx

Becca. said...

I completely agree with you! I used to spend so much time commenting on blogs and I've now decided to really take the time out to comment back! Xx

Becca. said...

When times like that happen i tell myself I blog because I love it, and enjoy it! people still read it but it's easy to forget to comment if you're on the go! X

Becca. said...

Hi Anita,

Thanks for your comment! It's so hard blogging sometimes but you've got to remember you do it because you love it and enjoy it and I keep telling myself to spend more time commenting back! X

Becca. said...

It's so easy to read it and not comment isn't it! I wish there was just a ❤️ Button or something to click if you enjoyed the post! Xx

Chichi said...

I agree with all of the points, especially 2, 4 and 5. It's always good to leave a comment and it's always good to see bloggers becoming successful and collaborating with brands so I don't mind clicking on links, ads and sponsored content.

Nicola said...

I have noticed this in the industry too! I used to get so many comments now i am lucky to even get one, and it is very disheartening, and most probably why i rejected my blog for so long. Bloggers need to show each other love, whether that be a comment every now and again to show they appreciate your effort!

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