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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Wishlist Week Day Four: Glamorous

Glamorous is one of my favourite online stores and has been one of my favourite brands for years! (as you may know!) I'm always browsing on their site and I always end up wanting everything! I wear a glamorous item of clothing pretty much everyday and their blouses & disco pants and shorts are my favourites! Here are just a few items online which I'm loving right now!
1. Studded Blue Denim Shorts - £29.99
2. Gold Disco Pants - £29.99
3. Royal Blue Disco Pants - £29.99
4. Pewter Disco Shorts - £22.99
5. Brighton Blue blouse with collar tips - £19.99
6. Black Crop Tee - £13.99
7. Tunic dress with sequin crosses - £22.99
8. Light pink blouse with collar detail - £23.99
9. Leopard & Black print dress - £29.99

One thing I do love is shorts and shorts with studs on! How perfect are these shorts?! I am loving disco pants still and the Glamorous dupes in different colours keep catching my eye! I absolutely love this gold and royal blue pair! I love how Glamorous have bought out disco shorts too! How cool are these?! You can never go wrong with a blouse as they are so versatile and this blouse has collar tips too! how perfect is this?! I love this cross sequin tunic too!

Which item is your favourite? which would you buy?


Eleanor said...

I have the grey disco shorts, and those look almost identical!!!

Millie said...

So glad somewhere finally does the disco pants for so much cheaper, shame i bought mine full price from AA :/

Rhiannon Owen said...

The Royal Blue Disco pants are definitely on my wishlist at the minute! I don't think my bank balance could cope with getting the American Apparel ones haha :)

Rhiannon xx

Rachel. said...

I need the disco pants in my life! Really like the leopard print dress too! xo

Phoebe said...

I love Glamourous stuff, I always have a look when I'm in Ark or Republic. Desperate to track down the disco pant dupes!

lea-christina said...

Love the sequin crossed tunic! So cute!

Sadie said...

I have some navy disco pants but I love the look of the gold ones, they'd be great for a night out :) xx

Josephine Pearl said...

I need the blue disco pants in my life!! great picks. Loving these wishlist posts :)

Jo. x

PinkyVintageXX said...

I love a blouse so my fave items are have to be the blouses. Can't say I'm feeling disco pants quite yet!

Please everyone check out my latest post and follow! X


emm said...

love the blue disco pants but i think i'm too chubs to wear them atm!

francesca hearn said...

I would buy number 10! i love the way the dress flows!
You have the best fashion sense!
i would appreciate if you checked out my blog and told me what you think at thanks!

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