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Cheap Disco Pants? Yes I've found some!

Some of you are probably wondering what Disco pants are... for those of you which don't know their trousers by American Apparel they've been seen on numerous celebrities such as Jessie J, Shenae Grimes, Tulisa & Cher Lloyd.
Disco pants are now known as a fashion bloggers style essential and I wear my black pair to death! I bought mine originally in about January and I bought a size 'Medium' with 10% off which was still very expensive as disco pants are £70! But I returned them. I then saved up for a few months and bought them when ASOS had 25% off for students I just had to buy them in small!
These are just a few ways I wear my disco pants. I absolutely love my pair! I still paid a lot for them but I figured they'd be worth it in the end and they definitely were as I wear them ALL the time! & I get so many compliments when I wear them!

A few of you have asked if there's anywhere to get a cheaper version of Disco pants and It took a lot of browsing and hunting but I've found a few pairs for half the price (YAAAAAY!) so you wouldn't be breaking the bank!
1. Hearts & Bows Black Rave Pants - £34.99 - Ark Clothing
2. Love Label High Shine Skinny Trousers in Red - £35 -
3. Pewter Disco Pants - £39.99 - Glamorous UK
4. Love Label High Shine Skinny Trousers in Midnight Blue -
What do you think of these Disco Pants Dupes? I really want the Pewter pair and the midnight blue! And for half the price how can you go wrong?!


congrats to...

@janeyybabeyy89 who's won the Simply Beach Giveaway

& @talbsx ( who's won the £50 ASOS voucher!

(please email me @!)

Thanks so much for all your entries there will be another comp soon!

JayMarie said...

Oh, i want some disco pants! I love a great pair of leggings with a twist to them!

Marie said...

Disco pants really suit you. I love how they look on JessyJ too. I really adore those blue dupes you've found, and think I'll be hitting for a pair of my own.

Jodie said...

after seeing you rock yours I searched high and low and have bought the ark clothing pair- they are a really good dupe. they fit welll and look very very close to the AA pair.

Steph0188: StephanieDreams said...

Oh you found a few :) Well done!
I saw the Glamorous ones a few weeks ago when Lily was at the press event and posted a photo of them!
I am not doing it though, I DO NOT NEED THEM, and my belly would be awful! ha
You rock them well my love ;) x

Roxii said...

Omg thanks so much for posting I've been searching everywhere!!

Carly said...

You look awesome in them!

Christian said...

★ (・∀・)

love pictures on your blog :) very nice layout. clean and charming. love your blog.
i am following you, would you like to follow me back? -:)

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Joyce Lau said...

I love Disco pants, But I don't think i will be able to pull them off :( Much love xxx

Rochelle H said...

Omg i'm so happy you posted that!

Helen said...

I saw on Twitter someone had discovered the Very ones - they're definitely my favourite of the bunch. I'm surprised it's taken so long for companies to bring out a dupe actually. I think I may have to give them a try at half the price of the original!

Bryony Dodds said...

I'm dying to get my hands on some disco pants, thanks for finding some dupes! <3


Tee ♥ said...

Love the blue ones. They look exactly like the AA ones!!

Olivia Burn said...

Ahh I'm desperate to get my hands on a pair! Great alternatives though!

- Olivia xx
That's My Style!

Becky @ said...

I do love the look of them but I just can't justify £70 on what is essentially a passing fad - so thanks for sharing the cheaper alternatives!

Becky @ x

Irene Hua said...

AMAZING! thanks for all the other options xx

Charlotte Anne Owst said...

I really like the pair from Glamorous! Not too expensive either, you look amazing in yours- I really like how you've styled them with the crop top xo

Charlotte xo

Gemma Satire said...

Oh I've been umming and ahhing about these for ages but I think you have finally found the answer to our poor poverty prayers! The are right on the money! Ooh I think I might treat myself to a pair because in theory I am actually SAVING money here. I love how you rock your own pair as well!

Gemma x

Millie Wh said...

love my disco pants but i'm always too scared to wear them in case they get ruined! You look wonderful in them though!

Nicola said...

Great finds, i love my pair too and i love the ones, especially the blue ones!

D.R. said...

I keep seeing these fab disco pants all over the place and you styled them so cute but I just feel like I could never pull them off

Eloise said...

oooh awesome finds! I want the hearts and bows pair, and i like how they've sort of sneakily stole the name too!


larosedesvent said...

<3 the disco fever

check me out @

larosedesvent said...

<3 the disco fever

check me out @

Tiffany said...

ohh yess the disco pants are AWESOME! i used to work at American Apparel.. i have the gold ones :)

2ndhandCinderella said...

ahh just when I've given up hope with finding a cheap alternative to the latest trends fashion train comes to the rescue!


SophieLouise said...

love your blog! great post, I have been looking for cheap disco pants everywhere. I have just started blogging, check out my blog :)

Kim said...

Gotta love disco pants :D Tempted to get those cheaper grey ones from glamorous but I'm so worried they just won't be as good! ha.xx

hanpla92 said...

At the moment there's a code for the glamorous website: glamorous20 which makes them only £32! Hopefully the ones I ordered will fit. Thanks for sharing the sites :)


I still need to get a pair of these!! they look awesome

Janan Leo said...

boat shoes are my favourite. clever and creative xo Thanks for your nice blog.Made in England shoes

Alice Rose said...

I love how you paired the disco pants in all of the outfits. I really need some of these pants. The dupes are really good too, may need to invest in a pair, thank you.

Check out my blog, I put up celebrity style steals with cheaper clothes!

STYLE is of an ESSENCE said...

This is such a perfect post,hats off to you for finding the dupes.I am very grateful the AA discopants are too expensive

Eleanor Grace said...

I'm a new follower! Love the disco pants and really want some! Check out my blog?

Jessicka Allen said...

neeeeed some!


Alice Mcglynn said...

I love disco pants too!:)
These are the best one's I've seen so far are these:

they look great and are only £18.99 plus free delivery! xx

Tshirt onlie said...

I find a lot of disco pants on some websites. Including young women. I can only chalk it up to them having low body image esteem.I really hate that thing.
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hanna☮ said...

I've seen cheap disco pants on and
Both are selling them for £25! I just can't decide which to get them from haha x

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