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Friday, May 25, 2012

Next A/W Press day at Somerset House

One thing about blogging I really love is travelling to London! I made the journey to London yesterday in this glorious heat to go to the Next Press day at Somerset House! I've always wanted to go to Somerset House but I've never had the chance to and it really is just as beautiful as you see in the photos!
Once me and Soph got to Somerset House with a glass of champagne in hand we were straight into looking at what's to come this A/W! And I can tell you now there's loooooads of sequins! (yay!)
Everything was very tailored and every garment had lots of shape and pleats! I really liked a lot of the blouses and I have my eye on a hot pink blouse with a black peter pan collar!
One thing Next always amazes me on is the SHOES! As you all know I'm literally the biggest fan of shoes in the world and I must say every pair I saw was gorgeous!

The Next beauty range is gorgeous next season! Look at the perfume bottles... the wrapping is just amaaaazing! and I'm going to have a cheeky purchase of those nail polishes!
Me and Sophie yesterday! so much love for her!
Sophie took some photos of my outfit yesterday at Somerset House too she's such a babe!
Top/Bodysuit - Glamorous(*)
Necklace - Topshop
Skirt - Love Fashion
Chelsea Boots - So You Shoes

It's safe to say this is probably one of my favourite outfits I've worn and this skirt fits like a dream. I took a cheeky little trip to Love to see the gorgeous Sophie and had lunch which was fab! I always love a catch up with Sophie she's so so so so lovely!
Top/Bodysuit - Glamorous(*)
Necklace - Topshop
Skirt - Love Fashion
Chelsea Boots - So You Shoes

I've never had so many compliments for an outfit and in the 30 degree heat in London yesterday this outfit was perfect! I can't wait to wear this skirt a lot this summer it's amazing!

What do you think of Somerset House? Do you like Next?

Hope you're all having a fab day in the sunshine!!


Debbie said...

The skirt is so pretty! Love the way it goes with the top :)

Rachel. said...

Love the skirt you're wearing! Somerset House is so beautiful! I never realised how big that courtyard is, everytime i've been it's had the ice rink or its been fashion week! Next looks like it's got some gorgeousss things in! xo

Amy said...

somerset house is absolutely beautiful, very jealous!!

love your skirt, been wanting that for ages :)

Nicola said...

Looks such a lovely day. The outfit is amazing, love the skirt! Your so beautiful Becca!

Charlotte Anne Owst said...

I really like the look of the collection, the pink blouse is really cute! I adore your skirt too, it looks so beautiful I'm thinking of buying it for myself! Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

This looks like a really good event, I love your outfit looks great :)
Nicole xx

Naomi Creighton said...

Love your outfit! Skirt is so beaut on you xo

Olivia Burn said...

Somerset House looks stunning, I've only ever been there when the ice rink is there.
Next season looks so good, in love with sequins!
I absolutely love your outfit, so summery! It suits you so much, and that skirt is to die for!

- Olivia xx

Beth said...

love love love your skirt! Somerset House looks amazing xxx


Julia Henderson said...

Becca you look lovely! I love your skirt :) hope you had a good time at the event!

Julia xx

Rose. said...

I love your skirt! :)

Jodie said...

Somerset house looks so incredibly beautiful! I want to visit it now :(
Love your skirt- really suits this nice weather

Jodie said...

Somerset house looks so incredibly beautiful! I want to visit it now :(
Love your skirt- really suits this nice weather

charlotte said...

Great Photo's!

Martha said...

Ahhh I work at Next :) I have to agree the shoes in Next are fantastic! Acrtually Next deserves a lot more credit than it gets there's so much in there that I'd love to wear yet so many people our age think it's for mums.

BeautyBecca said...

your outfit is amazing, I love the skirt :D I've been to somerset house for LFWend and loved it :)

xchristybx said...

NEXT shoes are to die for
love the skirt, looks like a good day out :) xx

Cynnie said...

love your outfit, that skirt is so nice!

Natalie said...

What are those sparkly pink heels I spy? I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for those!
Love your style hun, looked like a great day spent in London!
N xoxoxo

Gemma Satire said...

I LOVE Next lately, tney haven't been on the radar much the past few years but recently they have been upping their game ALOT! You deserve the compliments, this outfit is laveeeeely! Of course loving all the Next goodie as well!

Gemma x

Blaming Beauty said...

This outfit is gorgeous, I adore the skirt xx


love your outfit hun, you look gorgeous xx

Angelica said...

I love the photos, you look beautiful. x

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