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DIY Studded Shorts

I thought I'd have a go at studding a pair of denim shorts! I want to give a new edge on an old pair of shorts I have and make them more unique. I think studding a pair of shorts is a great way to make them stand out, especially if they are black and plain like mine!
DIY Studded Shorts, Studded Shorts

What do you need?
- An old pair of shorts (or any old shorts)
- A blunt knife
- A packet of studs (mine are from ebay here)
They took a while to come in the post but cost about £3 and came from Thailand so you can't argue!
DIY Studded Shorts, Studded Shorts

They come in a pack of 100 (so hopefully they will last a while!)
All you have to do is position the stud where you want it on your shorts (I chose on the right hand side front pocket) and press the stud in using your hand, turn the shorts to the inside and press the backs down with your knife (use a blunt knife like mine!) It's tricky at first but after a few goes you will get the hang of it!
DIY Studded Shorts, Studded Shorts
DIY Studded Shorts, Studded Shorts

I'm thinking about doing a bit more studding on this pocket but as a first attempt I am so so happy with what it looks like right now!
Studding things is my new favourite way to update my wardrobe!
Are you going to try it? Have you tried studding items of clothing?

Just Another Shopaholic said...

I like that. Good job.

Steph0188: StephanieDreams said...

Fab :) xo

jimmi lou said...

They look cool I really want to do some DIY studding!

Bethany said...

Awesome! I love studded shorts! xo

Jadinexo said...

good job! I really want a pair of levi cut offs, but cant find any in my price range! Looks like i'm going to need to diy them :)

Steph said...

Amazing! Yes after this I'm going to have to have a go x

Cherry said...

I love these studs you can buy, I have a little packet hanging around somewhere still! The shorts look great! :)

Cherry said...

I love these studs you can buy, I have a little packet hanging around somewhere still! The shorts look great! :)

Lydia said...

so cute! I get studded belts from charity shops & pinch the studs off them, you get a lot for like £1.50 haha. :) x

Yasmin; said...

this is so cute, I love how tiny the studs are! I need to stud a top of mine that I've dyed & my studs are in the post :) x

Irina said...

OMG. this is awesome! You're so creative.

Mind visiting and follow me?

Claire Alexandra said...

love this diy! Your blog is amazing!


jennifer june said...

I really want to stud some shorts I bought recently, just make them more unique and 100% mine!haha these look fab!

melissa said...

Really good idea! i've wanted some studded shorts for a while so i'll definitely be trying this out! your blog is always amazing. XOXO, melissa.

*Shug* said...

Such a good idea. Where did you get the studs from ebay? Nice one. :)

The Red Angel said...

Girl that is such a great idea! Love what you did crafty. :) Hope you're having a great weekend!


The Red Angel Blog

TralalaHana said...

Denim plus jeans equals LOVEE!!! :)

Dixi [Vintage & Modern Ladies Clothing] said...

Looks good! Would look aweosme with a whole back pocket studded! xo

Drea said...

Really cool! I've been meaning to stud some old shorts for so long now!!

Drea xoxo

r-dowg said...

this is so cute, i need to try it! :Dxo

Catarina said...

great DIY job, the shorts look great!

Jasmine M Eccles said...

Hands on creativeness....great job.

Style Servings said...

How amazing!! I love the result!

rach. said...

LOVE this.

super lovely blog, girl!

love, rach.

Schnappy said...

Cool idea!:)

Michelle Goldie said...

Really nice idea! Your personal style is super nice!
xoxo from
Goldie London

Kausur said...

I would have loved to have gone to this! Love everything in the new collection!
Thank you

OMR FARUK said...

Ooooh thanks for this post and your nice collection
LOVE the your site!

Kausur said...

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your collection is really great

OMR said...

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