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Miss Patina - Peter Pan Collar Dress

Has anybody been to the Clothes Show Live yet? I'm going tomorrow and i'm excited!
This is what i'm planning to wear:
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Peter Pan Collar Dress - Miss Patina & Pocket Watch Necklace - Chelsea Doll

I'm sure you've seen the current 'peter pan' collar trend everywhere right now, it's a trend I am loving right now, I've just bought a peter pan collar dress from Miss Patina, I love how it's really vintage looking and has a velvet floral pattern!

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Peter Pan Collar Dress - Miss Patina & Pocket Watch Necklace - Chelsea Doll

And who can forget a brown satchel? Probably the most essential accessory this autum/winter! Mines from Matalan. I really love this look right now and I think i'm going to be investing in more dresses like this!

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Peter Pan Collar Dress - Miss Patina & Pocket Watch Necklace - Chelsea Doll
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I'll probably change my mind of what i'm going to wear in the morning again!

Have you been to clothes show live this winter? Do you like the peter pan trend?

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Rohini Sood said...

love your dress! it looks so pretty!
please follow me :)

Heather said...

What an adorable little dress!!


You look adorable in that dress!

Marella said...

In love with your dress!

Alisha said...

Yep, i went on Saturday, it was amazing, have a goodtime! And love the outfit, the dress is gorgeous xox

Cherry Pullinger said...

I love your dress!

lydia-lee said...

great choice of dress!

so jealous your going!!

i want to so bad


Steph0188 said...

Love the trend :)
I haven't been to the clothes show for a fair few years now, the last time I went was a real let down- but from what I've heard from my friends & bloggers they've upped their game a bit more now

Violet said...

this dress is so cute on you. I want a brown satchel so bag but i havent found the right one and i honestly must stop shopping lol

Vi from Cali

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

This is suchhhh a cute dress, Im going to check it out now its sooooo lovely :)

Looks amazing on you

Char x

simplyhope said...

You should buy more of those peterpan collared dresses! So CUTE:D

ediot said...

hi darling! you look so cute.
i love that dress- it's really nice.
thanks for stopping by me-hope you're having a good start of the week


The Red Angel said...

That satchel is lovely! And I love the collar on your dress, it looks really stylish and cute!

Hope you enjoy the Clothes Show! :D


Randi said...

The dress is so cute!

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Such an adorable dress Becca...suits you perfectly!

Happy December, cheers: Evi

Elizabeth Hope said...

Love the outfit! :D I want your bag! haha!

Elizabeth Hope :)

Omgitstiffduh said...

I want your dress.

Melanie Rose said...

i love your dress so much ! looks so chic on you girl :)

Chiara TheMinette said...


Hanna C. said...

what a lovely dress! really it even more than the other flower printed that you've posted before!


LuLu said...

Love this dress! =)

A La Mode et Plus! said...

Very beautiful dress! And yes I love the peter pan collar trend.

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

all I want right now are Peter Pan collars. LOL, obsession.
Scrapbook de la Emma

Finder said...

love ur dress and necklace

Krystal said...

I love the collar, how cute!

Louise Brooke Arnot said...

LOVE your dress. I have a few peter pan collar tops and dresses coz I'm a bit obsessed. I've not seen one like your's before : )
I've been to the Clothes Show Live a few years ago and it's lots of fun. I was a finalist of their Young fashion photographer of the year competition and also got lots of discounted clothes xx

Mia said...

Great dress! Goes great with the satchel and necklace! In all a really vintage look...

Fashion Queen said...

Beautiful bag and I also love the dress.

Violet Dreams said...

Your dress is gorgeou, really! Im in love with it, I wish I could buy it but I'm trying to save some money lol
Enjoy tomorrow and tell us everything about the event!

SoaneHonor said...

love the outfit! the dress is gorgeous, and the epic.
nope, i haven't been to a clothes show live, yet. what is it actually?
hope you have fun!
and yes, i really like the peter pan collar trend. it's fabulous and cute.

Vicki said...

I love this dress becca you look so cute! never heard of this brand but im gonna check them out now! love the matalan bag, i have it as well ;) xo

Chloe Mia said...

Love the floral pattern on the dress! I'm going to clothes show tomorrow :)

Gem said...

such a lovely dress, have fun tomorrow, i've never been but id love to go one day ha :D

Vagabond said...

I love your bag and the necklace! The outfit is great, and you look so beautiful :)

maja said...

lovely outfit!

fashion.gossipmk said...

Lovely. I love the bag. M.

Ginger Snap'♥ said...

This dress is gorgeouss! Im going clothes show tommorow. Im looking for one of these so fingers crossed.Iv got all my outfit planned out too lol changed my mind like 10 times

Julia mode said...

i'm totally in love with your dress ;)))

LUXE by LEX said...

LOVE this Dress!!!


jadore said...

Really cute, I love the collar!

Miss Woody said...

lovely dress !

Catherine Au Jong said...

thanks for your comment
you looook fab in these pics!

you can enter the GIVEAWAY


OMR said...

Argh wow I want them all!! Happy New Year pretty!

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