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Kate Moss Special: Spend or Steal

Funk Rock, Dress, Style, Vintage, Kate Moss Topshop
Left, Spend: £150 Kate Moss @ Topshop
Right, Steal: £25 Funk Rock

Ever think you can buy a replica of something really expensive and spend so much less? Check out this Iconic Spot Bussle Back Dress from Kate Moss' new collection for Topshop, you can a buy a dress £125 cheaper on vintage inspired clothing site Funk Rock for only £25! bargain or what?!

What do you think? Which would you buy based on how much you spend on clothes right now?

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Katie Renee said...

Ahhh omg i love this dress!! So cute, love everything you post girl!

Hanna C. said...

freaking cute dress!!
looks lovely!


BĂ©racha said...

wow, this dress is gorgeous,
i prefer the first one (left) though it's very expensive.

Fashion Queen said...

Very cute dress.

Georgie Lowen said...

I actually think that I love the cheaper one more! haha!


MISSY. said...

I love this post! My fave dress is actualy the cheap one - very unlike me!
I love all of your posts!
Please reply if you can (: x

Wintage Net Voodle said...

hey! i like the cheaper one best, it looks like you could dress it up or dress it down :)

love love <3

The Red Angel said...

Haha yes, yes I do! There was this scarf that had a Burberry-like pattern on it and totally got it for less than $15! I was super happy haha.


Olivia RPS said...

oh, i definitely like the cheaper one more! haha :P
Olivia x

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i like both but would probably go with the Kate Moss dress.

Cherry Pullinger said...

Great find!

danniekate said...

cheeky, i love funk rock! xx

Ale Ar.Va. said...

Th funk rock dress is even better! i love it!

Ellen said...

such a cute dress and i love the idea of the replica post! thanks for sharing chick xx

Lee said...

I love these kinds of posts!

Pippa said...

This is such a coincidence, i was looking at the funkrock website earlier and thought exactly the same thing :)
I love this!!! Would love to put it with some cute winter thick tights...know of anything new and exciting in the tights department??

LoveLouis said...

i like your blog

Ronisha said...

what a fabulous find :)

come stop by & visit my blog :)

Maria said...

I would easily buy the one from funk rock,becouse I would have more money left to spend on more clothes :P

Daisy said...

That's a great look-a-like!!

Lara - Elain said...

Thanks for your lovely comment :)
I would definitely go with the cheaper one! There are cases when the price has (quality) reasons. But for a dress I won´t wear every day I definitely would buy the cheaper version :)

Nilcha's Fashion Chronicles said...

i love the pattern of the dress! cute post!

call me Allison said...

I love this dress. I sometimes wish Pangea never happened so that there wasn't as much distance between me and England, so I could get this!

C.M said...

the dresses are practically identical.. and to think, its £125 less than you'd of spent on the Kate Moss @ Topshop dress. a little bit of research on items of clothing can NEVER hurt. as this post proves! love it :)
courtney xx

OMR said...

beautiful photos.
totally love your cardigan!

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