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I never thought i'd be saying this but. Yes is running a competition.
for you to win a £25 topshop voucher thanks to which is celebrating it's 1st birthday!
The competition is open to all my u.k blog readers!
All you have to do is leave an appropriate comment on this blog post!
The competition will finish on Wednesday 4th November 2009.
I will then pick the winner by
competition terms & conditions
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Demi said...

count me in please!! :) xx

Pippa Artus said...

Most definately loving this idea :)
Especially after our conversation the other day :)
Tonight I will be loving my topshop clothing even more by letting a coral blouse and leather jacket out of my cupboard and matching it with some leggings and ankle boots(too much topshop to count) Love this idea!!!! Jealous :)

Timeless Fashion... said...

Such a great competition. Thank you!!! Please count me in.

Tights Lover said...

Very cool. I love topshop.

Have a great weekend!

Simonee said...

i have my eye on some topshop treats i want for christmas, £25 would be great. WOO TOPSHOP!

aindrea said...

count me in! i definitely have a couple of things in mind i'd buy with the voucher! would be great x

zoe. said...

count me in!
hehe topshop is my home away from home

daisychain said...

ohh please count me in

Amy said...

I'm a poor student in need of topshop therapy! :) count me in please!

Cristina said...

ahhh being from canada i'm now addicted to topshop- i could buy out the store! so £25 would be nice to treat myself to a little something or put it towards these heels i've been wanting but can't afford! x

jessicarose said...

ahh count me in pleeease! (: xx

minsquin said...

ooh, count me in for sure :D

Milly. said...

Ahh see lady - told you you'd get sent some things ;)
I love that dress with the lipstick on it...I tried it on because I wanted it so much - but sadly it didn't like the idea of my boobs... haha !

M x

geisharock said...

Ooooh I would love to win this!!!!!!! I never win anything and its my birthday in a week so *fingers crossed* :) xoxo

Marcia said...

Oh what a lovely competition, Count me in! :)

Lil said...

How generous! What a lovely competition. Count me in!

Kate said...

hey beccaaaaa(;
firstly sorry i didn't write back before, hope you don't mind!
i've gotten a few emails about adverts recently, just wondering how you configure yours? also i'm sorry if this is too nosy but how much do you get?
iceland sounds cool, and yeah i'm in year eleven too, it's so depressing! too many exams when i go back!
that's so sad about you getting bullied, i don't know why anyone would want to bully you, you're so lovely!

anyways hope you're good, katexx

p.s. your last few posts have been gorgeous by the way, sorry i haven't commented! this looks like an awesome competition, pick me to win haha!

Gabbi said...

I love the idea... but there's no Topshop here in the states I think? :(

Jade said...

This is fantastic. I just spent my last remaining pennies in there. But I am now the proud owner of my dream shoes, so I guess that's OK.

Love the blog


Kate said...

yessss, they were awesome! i still remember is probably my favourite song, just because of the lyrics, but they didn't play that one on friday so i'm gonna say flux, that was absolutely epic!

well i've had a pretty bad cold these last couple days but it's just starting to go away now so yeah i'm all good(:

thanks for explaining it, i might actually reply to some of my emails about adverts in the morning! i'm so jealous of you getting a topshop voucher, i want one! ooh yeah next, that's pretty big! are yours through googleads by the way?

yeah you too, have a great rest of half term! xx

Jade said...

Aw those look really comfy. Mine were black suede and very high ha! Not ones for walking in but hey thats why I bring the boy out with me.


Kate said...

haha yes, quarter to two now! do you have facebook btw? i swear you had a little button on your sidebar before but i can't see it now :/

i have quite a few i guess, though probably not as many as you! i got nylon the other day, i think that's my favourite at the moment, you?

oh yeah i've got monday off too, had forgotten about that(:

i went to one for my school a few weeks ago, and i have to have a meeting with this other school to talk about sixth form and stuff soon, if that's what you're on about!?

no i'm not going but it looks awesome, are you?


* said...

:) good competition, im in.

Regina A said...

Aww thats lovey! hope i win! :)


Shirley Wijaya said...

i love top shop so much ! :) wish I could win haha

Amelia said...

I love that picture! Gosh, I wish I lived in the UK. I've never gotten anything from Topshop before.

beckyxoxo said...

aww i love topshop ! too bad i don't live in UK :(

c h a r l o tt e said...

sounds like a good competition to me :)

student/oxfam volunteer here with no income! £25 voucher would be excellent!


cherrydiamonds said...

oooh!!I want a topshop in my city!!
kiss!, Lu

Milana said...

Great idea for a competition!

Milana from

Denise said...

i love your blog. So much inspiration here.

I Am Denise Katipunera

Melissa said...

I'm in! Topshop this winter is hot! a chance of winning a £25 voucher can't really go a miss. :)

Liya said...

ahhhh wished i lived in the U.K
following :)

Is This Real Life? said...

Ahhh a Topshop competition how awesome!
Oh my I would so love that £25 voucher It would so help me finally get my winter wardrobe started!
So exciting!

Erika said...

I'm in the US, so I can't enter; but good luck everyone! What a fabulous giveaway, darling! :)

Les Fleurs said...

Aaa, crap. We can't join. Good luck to the rest of you:) Have a great weekend!

<3 Kristin

Klarz said...

aah a potential new addition to my topshop collection, always something to smile about!! A/W '09 wardrobe almost complete, but at least i can get something new without feeling bad ;) Count me in!!

Bonjour__X said...

Being a topshop addict like many people out there a £25 voucher would be lovely.
Count me in!

becalala said...

That sequin beret and checkered jacket looks amazing.
Plus the voucher sounds pretty awesome too ;)

Missy said...

Love topshop! fingers crossed i win :)

i've just passed you an award x

For all things fashion:

Ore* said...

Topshop is my life....pick me pleaseeee :)


kathryn-louisa said...

I tried to comment on this the other day but my computer decided to have a freak out and stop me...

But yes, count me in!


sabrina said...

would love to be entered:)

sabrina said...

would love to be entered:)

yesitsmorgann said...

love me some topshop!
im in on this competition:)

Laura said...

Count me in please!! Thank you!!

kirstyb said...

just found your blog becca - quite loving it im gonna check those discounted site links you have left! i always forget about voucher codes xxxxx

Debbie said...

Thanks for this competition. I need some new accessories to brighten me up for winter so would love to win this :0)

Debbie said...

Thanks for the competition. I need some new accessories to brighten me up for winter :0)

Mads said...

Hi there! I've already added you to my bloglist thanks for doing the same.. Ohhh I wish I lived in the UK! Topshop = <3 and love Karli and Jourdan..=)

geisharock said...

I would absolutely love to win this... It's my birthday in under a week and this would be the perfect gift!!!!! Please count me in... oooh fingers crossed xoxo

Ediot said...

sounds absolutely perfect- in in . im in. wish i could win some-thing.
thanks for your sweet comment dear. sleep tight :)

sa said...


Lottie said...

omg yes please!!!!

OMR said...

I love the floral print dress in the collage !

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