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covert candy.

i discovered this website the other day.
its an online clothes swapping site.
its really good and you can find some really nice things on the site!
i've just requested a stripey top from topshop which had been put on the site.

what makes covert candy stand out is that its different to any swap style websites. it has a unique credit system approach which does not require a one on one exchange.
covert candy aims to bring british fashion lovers together, and not to buy cheap throw away fashion but by exchanging clothes on the website, users can help reduce the strain that the clothing industry has on this planet.

with facts such as 11 million people intending to use swapping websites in the new year, i think that covert candy is a clothing revolution waiting to happen.

vintage clothes
swap clothes -
covertcandy -

Kate said...

I got an email from covertcandy last week, you've just reminded me I need to blog about it or something (: x

Kristin said...

They need to bring something like that to the U.S.!

Jasmine Laini Meaden said...

Ohh this seems cool il check that out! thanks :)
I was wondering if you wanted to swap links for the blogroll? love your blog xxx

sarah said...

Hmmmm...looks interesting, will check it out. Thanks for the link.

Kate said...

Wow, a bloggers meet sounds great! Thanks, hope you have a lovely summer too! x

Kashaya said...

Wished they had a site like that in Sweden... Nice blog by the way!=)

Kashaya said...

Thank you I just hope the winner will like the braclet aswell.=)

CharmaineLi said...

I would love to swap links! Will def check it out, thanks for sharing :) Linked you alraedy!

Jess said...

is this only in the UK? loving the concept

beatriz said...

your blog is amazing, congratulations! I love it. And thank you for this information.
un beso

Little Red said...

Sounds like a great site!
Swapping is always a great way to find new pieces!

heleen db said...

Voilà, you're linked! I've put you under style, obviously :D

I've heard of Covert Candy before, but never checked it out. I will do now!

Style & Beyond said...

hey thanks for sharing :) and thanks for the comment -- sure let's exchange links :) linking you now...


Sophia said...

That sounds really cool! I've never heard of it, so I'll check it out.
And sure, I added you to my bloglist :)

Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland said...

You have a very cute and kooky blog - love the photos! x

Lilee said...

that is too cool.

xtinagirl said...

Oh! I meant I buy magazines to read but the ones I keep and not trash are the ones that I like the covers of :] Like...the Teen Vogue with Emma Watson since I love her fashion sense!


Lola-Elise said...

can't wait to check out that site! :)
loving your blog..

p.s.thanks for your comment! it made my day!

disa said...


OMR said...

Wow these pics are amazing, B! Thanks for posting them ~ Kate is delish!

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