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Life in Instagram

Last time I did an Instagram post (here) so many of you loved that post and the posts i've done on Instagram before I thought I'd do another post!
I love Instagram. I think it's my most used Iphone app (aside from twitter) and it's great! Plus it helps me remember what i've done that week! (when you're busy you forget these things!) I thought I'd show you all what I've been up to these past two weeks!

studded shorts, galaxy chocolate, cookie dough, fashion blogger, food, shorts
001 - I posted about these shorts on Instagram a while back and studded the top row of these shorts but now I've studded the whole pocket! Gotta love a bit of DIY!
002 - Valentines Day (Best friend style!) Me and my best friend celebrated valentines day with a lot of chocolate and unhealthy food and who could forget a sex and the city film marathon?!

red maxi skirt, soyoushoes
003 - My new shoes from Soyoushoes who doesn't love a bit of animal print?!
004 - In Forever 21 in Birmingham when I was undecided on whether to buy this bright red maxi skirt (I ended up buying it!)

mash potato, nandos mash potato, my1stwish, new shoes, fake litas
005 - Nandos in Birmingham with Lydia! I love Nandos mash potato so I couldn't help but order two sides! Kim from Sweetmonday would agree two sides of mash potato is a good idea ;)
006 - My new shoes from My 1st Wish absolutely love them and they were a bargain too! (yay!)
disco pants, video editing
006 - I took the big plunge and bought a pair of Disco Pants. Okay so they look pretty and I know literally everyone has a pair but they didn't fit properly so I had to return them!
007 - I decided to make a video for an outfit post (you can check it out here) it took hours to edit!
look magazine, haribo, pasta
008 - My favourite meal (one of the only things I seem to be able to cook well) which is pasta, tomato & basil sauce, bacon & cheese! (yuuuuuuum!)
009 - Afternoon reading & snacking! Haribo and fashion magazines are always great!

What have you been up to? Also don't forget to follow me on Instagram or just find me by typing 'Fashiontrain' on Instagram!

underthewillowtrees said...

Love these types of posts, especially when it includes the mention of SATC and chocolate. Sounds like a great way to spend V-day (or, er, any day). Glad you bought the maxi skirt!


Lily said...

This made me so hungry! haha :) x

Sweet Monday said...

Hell yes two sides of mash! So glad you kept that maxi skirt too, it's gorj! xxxxxxx

3Wildxx said...

Love the lita style boots!
lovely blog, following you, follow back? Xoxox

Deanna said...

Love this style of post! Your DIY looks amazing, and those shoes are gorgeous x

Nicola said...

I really wanted the disco pants, but the price is so expensive...and if the fitting is a little off...

In Her Daydream said...

Lovely pictures, really like the shoes :)


musicandmollie said...

ooh, your pasta dish looks delicious! I love the studded shorts :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie

jimmi lou said...

Loved your photo's, you've picked up some great buys and that Pasta looks so nice!

Lulu B said...

Looks like a food frenzied fashion filled weekend! Love it xx :o)

Lulu B said...

Looks like a food frenzied fashion filled weekend! Love it xx :o)

Nabzz said...

LOVE the maxi skirt and the colour! You seem like you had a busy and fun week!

amenfashion17 said...

I am absolutely in love with those wedges!! Beautiful!!!! LOVE! <3


love the skirt hun, looks gorgeous on you!

Kerys xx

Just Another Shopaholic said...

I love all of the shoes!!

Bethan said...

love that red skirt! your valentines day sounded great! x

Misseblog said...

Lovely photos, I love Disco Pants, really want a pair but don't think I'll buy them. Haven't found a pair I love xx

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